1930 Royal Portable – Adjusting the Key Alignment



This is my first post on my typewriters. I am writing it in response to a comment from The Right Reverend Theodore Munk in response to my pleas for help in alignment of the Royal. Initially things looked like this: (all photos, click to enlarge)

problem2 problem1

After reading Reverend Munk’s posts on the subject of alignment I set to work figuring this out. Initially I tried using a socket set to loosen the locking nuts. No go. None of my sockets would fit. Then I resorted to a pair of needle-nose pliers. That did the trick on one, but was to abrasive on the other. So off to Walmart I go on an unrelated trip, only to discover the magical 5.5 mm socket. This fit perfectly.

In another post, Teeritz mentioned his Basket-shifted Royal QDL, and how (when viewed from the rear) there are two screws on the left AND right to be adjusted; left screw operates the lowercase, and the right screw operates the uppercase alignment. On the Royal there is only one per side and that, when viewed from the rear, the left screw is for uppercase, and the right screw is for lowercase.


The right side (uppercase) adjustment screw. Note the gnarly job my pliers did 🙁


And the left side (lowercase) came off a little easier.



After TWO HOURS of adjusting back and forth, I was beginning to suspect something else may be the problem. Indeed there may be other problems, as Reverend Munk noted to me in his comment:

“…something is missing from one of the stops (some manufacturers use a cork or plastic pad on the stopper that can wear off or break) or something is bent and blocking the basket from actually hitting the stoppers. ”

That is most plausible. After two hours, however, I noticed something interesting. It was less than these two screws were adjusting independently of each other and really just balancing the carriage as a single unit. So two screws to align a platform if you will. As crazy thinking as that may sound, when it dawned on me, that the two were not independent, I began thinking in terms of leveling the carriage.

Long story short, here’s the result:




And yes, I’m afraid I did not replace the ribbon until AFTER I reached this point. I’m still getting the upper portion of the key striking the paper. Those are the little marks you see above each line. Gotta figure that out someday…

Until then I’d love to hear opinions on what the issue could be. Half the fun is discovery on these old machines.

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