I am a jack of all trades, and then some, constantly learning and growing in what I do. For nine years I was in Washington, DC and cut my teeth in Government Relations. However my agile and tech-centric brain wouldn’t let me stop there. I expanded into marketing, public relations, brand development, advertising, video game creation and distribution, and yes, mobile apps. I think it’s important to try something bold, and new, and really challenge yourself. At the same time I believe one should be willing to admit when they’re in over their heads.

So I did this for a while and then discovered I wasn’t very good at it. So I returned to what I was good at, government relations. Presently I work for a small health care nonprofit in the Government Relations department. It’s very challenging but also rewarding, and a non-stop learning curve. For those interested, albeit I can’t imagine why, here’s the resume brief:

  • Congressional Office
  • Congressional Committee
  • Lobbying Firm
  • Side tangent into technology consulting
  • Health care nonprofit

I’m a huge nerd. You’ve been warned.